How High Is Up

Sometimes my cases aren’t really cases at all, they are just using my skills to help out friends.  I am a big believer in karma, doing good has a good return.  You throw out a kindly boomerang, you get a kindly boomerang back. At least that is the way I was raised. My friend DanielContinue reading “How High Is Up”

The Details of the Defensive Distrustful Defender

I didn’t like this angle.  I looked around but I could not find a better angle, oh well this would have to do. Click, click, click. I played with the settings and clicked away again, three times again. I looked at the screen, better than I thought. That should do it I thought.  I foundContinue reading “The Details of the Defensive Distrustful Defender”

The Photos to Die For Case The Photos to Die for Case I stared out the window to ensure I did not get car sick.  Motion sickness was not usually a problem but I had been sitting in the back of this car for close to an hour reading and the driver was not the best and the rain wasContinue reading “The Photos to Die For Case”

Self Promotion

My good friend Gary, meeting with the Kevin Smith and giving him my card. I regret not taking the day off and meeting a man I admire greatly. But if I ever cut a deal with Disney to turn the Miles Mitchell Mysteries into a series, I will fight to make Kevin my Executive Producer.