The Photos to Die For Case The Photos to Die for Case I stared out the window to ensure I did not get car sick.  Motion sickness was not usually a problem but I had been sitting in the back of this car for close to an hour reading and the driver was not the best and the rain wasContinue reading “The Photos to Die For Case”

Self Promotion

My good friend Gary, meeting with the Kevin Smith and giving him my card. I regret not taking the day off and meeting a man I admire greatly. But if I ever cut a deal with Disney to turn the Miles Mitchell Mysteries into a series, I will fight to make Kevin my Executive Producer.

The Newest Miles Mitchell Mystery, The Unhappy Camper Case

There are some cases I shy away from, it is not a hard fast rule, more like a guideline, something that makes me pause before I say yes to a case.  One of those is bodyguarding, while bodyguard jobs pays well it is for the most part unrealistic for a guy like me. I doContinue reading “The Newest Miles Mitchell Mystery, The Unhappy Camper Case”